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We expose the hidden aspects of your website performance and present adequately decisive data to shape your online presence more agile and productive than ever before. To do this, we rely on Google Developer Tools, in particular the Google PageSpeed Tester tool, an indispensable tool for any digital strategist. This tool allows us to analyze your website's load times and identify areas for optimization. By using this advanced tool, we can gain comprehensive insights into your website's user experience and take targeted steps to improve its overall performance.

With our help, your website will not only be faster and more efficient, but also more user-friendly and attractive to search engines, which can ultimately increase your visibility and online success.

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People are not defenseless or easily manipulated creatures - their weapon is reactance. If a salesman is too pushy, an admirer too insistent, the pressure too high to perform a certain action, people often decide to do exactly the opposite, even if they have to accept losses as a result.

They cancel an order process, ignore an offer from a seller, or leave the site.