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Agent AGENTUR is your online marketing agency
in Zurich and throughout Switzerland for innovative,
creative and professional online marketing.

Agent AGENTUR is your online marketing agency in Zurich and all over Switzerland for innovative, creative and professional online marketing.


"Your success is our mission! We use our secret weapons for your online marketing."

As an online marketing agency in Zurich and throughout Switzerland, we have the knowledge and experience to understand the needs and challenges of businesses. We develop creative strategies and implement them in a targeted manner to make your brand visible online and reach your target audience. From conception to implementation, we offer comprehensive services in the areas of online marketing, from digital marketing strategy to search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising (From Youtube, display to social media).

Digital/Online Marketing Strategy

"promising and 007"

As your strategic command center in the digital field, we at Agent AGENTUR design customized online marketing strategies. Dive into the world of secret codes and algorithms and use our expertise to lead your brand digitally to the top!

Performance & Branding Campaigns

"Individual and powerful"

With us you become the master of digital disguise, we create performance & branding campaigns that reveal your true brand potential. Let's decode the secret code for your brand success together and take the online world by storm!

Inbound & Content Marketing

"engaging and insightful"

Break the conventional boundaries and attract your audience with customized inbound & content marketing strategies. Discover the art of subtle seduction in the digital space and turn prospects into loyal brand ambassadors!

Social Media (Management & Campaigns)

"present and modern"

Unleash the full power of social networks with targeted social media management and cleverly designed campaigns. Turn every post, every tweet, every update into a secret message that hits your target audience right in the heart!

"findability and relevance"

Master the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)by seeing through the hidden codes and algorithms. Climb the rankings and make your website the first place to go in the digital world!

"unerring and unique"

Use the power of Search engine advertising (SEA)to send your message into the digital expanses. Put yourself at the top of the search results and become a lighthouse in the endless sea of the Internet!

"systematic and sensational"

Take advantage of the dynamic world of Video and banner advertisingto tell your story in an engaging and visually appealing way. Let every frame and pixel become secret agents of your brand!

Tracking & Analytics

"screened and analyzed"

Stay one step ahead with precise tracking and in-depth analytics. Turn data into valuable insights and let the numbers guide you on your mission to digital dominance!

Programmatic Advertising

"widespread and enticing"

Enter the innovative field of Programmatic Advertising and use automated processes to place your advertising effectively and in a targeted manner. Write your own code for success in the increasingly connected digital world!

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Help us find new cases for our online marketing agency and support our investigations. If you put us in touch with new potential clients and lead them to an order, we will reward you with a fee of 7% of the turnover of the first order. You can choose to have the fee paid out or use it for our marketing services. Please contact us to discuss further details!


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"Enter new creative territory with our online marketing agency: Agent AGENTUR. The unexpected is our terrain!"

Tell us about your business and your goals. As a digital marketing agency, we are experts at discovering the full potential of your business and unlocking the secrets of marketing. Together, we'll go in search of solutions and develop strategies to get the most out of your business. Rely on our experience and expertise to achieve your goals.

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