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Agent AGENTUR - Your web agency
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Agent AGENTUR - Your web agency in Zurich and all over Switzerland for modern, creative and individual web design & web development

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"Your success in our sights! We ignite our secret weapons for your web project."

In the digital age, websites are the linchpin of businesses. Even a small startup is no longer imaginable without an appealing online presence. Did you know that a person in Switzerland is confronted with at least 10,000 advertising messages every day? In this fast-paced world, a professional, modern and creative web design that catches people's attention is more important than ever. We are a team of experts who are passionate and creative about innovative and impactful web design & development.

In the shadows of the digital landscape exists a group of specialists whose skills have the potential to completely change the face of a brand - they are known as the Web Agency. Their mission: to create fascinating and functional websites that stand out in the global market of the digital era.

Experts act in the web agency, whose knowledge is as diverse and comprehensive as the online world itself. Among them are gifted web designers whose creative vision and innovation serve to create an unparalleled look for any website. They are the masters of aesthetics, always up to date with the latest web design trends and eager to bring every pixel to perfection.

They are supported by tech-savvy web developers who act as the architects of the digital age. They construct the foundation for each website, ensure it works efficiently on every device and browser, and provide a smooth and user-friendly experience.

At the heart of the agency operate the SEO specialists and digital marketing strategists who master the complex game of search engines and social media. They are the invisible forces that drive traffic, reach the target audience and ensure the visibility of the website in the endless ocean of the Internet.

And finally, the copywriters who transform words into art to create compelling content that grabs visitors' attention and effectively conveys the brand's message. They are the storytellers who are able to transform the essence of a brand into compelling copy.

Together they form an entity capable of creating a powerful and customized web presence that is both aesthetically and functionally sophisticated. They are the silent force behind a brand's digital success. Through their expertise and dedication, any mission can be completed successfully. They are the web agency - the invisible heroes of the digital age.

Web design

"Interactive and stylish"

Design, development, programming: We design your modern, creative and innovative website exactly according to your wishes and ideas - whether company website, one-pager, landing page or webshop/eCommerce. We create the digital basis for website experiences that appeal emotionally to your target group.

Web development

"Individual and nimble"

We work with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP and use WordPress, the world's most popular CMS. The websites are modular and easily scalable. The excellent technical basis offers high flexibility for ongoing further developments. Responsive design is a matter of course - we optimize for all end devices such as smartphone, PC/laptop and tablet.

Maintenance website

"fast and certain"

Even after the go-live of the website, we as your web agency are the contact for your website. We extend your website, optimize the content and ensure security and backups. We recommend SEO & content strategies as well as campaigns for more visibility, search engine advertising and much more.

UI/UX/CD Design

"fresh and modern"

Whether it's a suitable user interface design, user experience strategy or fresh corporate design for your company: We consider all components of your website that are relevant in terms of user experience and combine them to create a visually and aesthetically appealing online presence.

Website content

"creative and unique"

We create website content. Easy to read, perfectly structured, helpful for your users, effective for lead generation in every phase of the buyer's journey. Together we define your corporate language and write in the language of your target group - for all relevant channels. We design visual content according to your objectives. Creative and unique. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


We optimize your website consistently and systematically with regard to your goals, whether it's sales, conversions, or purely information and attention. We tailor content, conversion offers and CTAs to your target group, adapt them continuously and thus improve the website experience. 

Tracking & Analytics

"screened and analyzed"

We implement and manage tracking and analytics tools to help you learn more about your website visitors. Where is the traffic coming from? What are the sources of high-quality content? Which pages need to be optimized? With quantitative and qualitative tracking and analysis tools, such as traffic analysis, heatmaps, session recordings, etc., we get to the bottom of these questions. 

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Operation Digital Presence: The Art and Science of Web Design Agency

In the secret laboratories of the digital world, where creativity meets technology, operates an elite unit called Web Design Agency. Their mission: to transform your ideas and desires into a powerful online experience, whether it's a corporate website, a one-pager, a landing page, or a webshop/eCommerce. They are the architects of your digital presence.

The web design agency operates in a specialized field that requires both art and science. With a critical eye for design and a deep understanding of programming, they materialize your ideas into a modern, creative and innovative website. They are the creative masterminds that bring your brand's visual manifesto to life.

But the mission of a web design agency goes beyond just design. They are also the engineers who lay the technical foundations on which your website will function. They program, they test, they optimize - all with the goal of ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience.

But the heart of their operation lies in their ability to make the emotional connection. They know that an effective website is more than just a pretty facade or a well-written line of code. It's about reaching people on a deeper level. That's why they focus on creating digital experiences that engage your audience emotionally and get them to interact, convert, and ultimately become loyal customers.

The world of web design agencies is like a thrilling spy thriller, full of intrigue, creative challenges and technological breakthroughs. They are the unseen heroes working behind the scenes to make the world of the web a little more engaging, functional and emotional every day. Their mission is to transform your vision into digital reality and make your brand stand out on the digital stage. They are the web design agency - the secret weapon for your online success.


"Your success in our sights! We ignite our secret weapons for your web project."

Web agency references

"Already almost criminal, but all within the legal range".

"Already almost criminal, but everything
in the legal sector"

These exciting short stories tell a little bit about our work. We reveal the secret of success of an effective performance in private.

Project Astro Creators

Video content is not just a trend, it's the future! Astro Creators know exactly what they are doing, and in a high quality. The focus of this project was clearly a rebranding including logo and accents, along with the redesign of the website.

Plus laptop device
Plus laptop device

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