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Your full service web agency &
Online Marketing Agency in Zurich
and throughout Switzerland

Your Full-Service Web Agency & Online Marketing Agency in Zurich and all over Switzerland

Web agency &
Online marketing agency

"Chasing the right solution with power and performance".

Our web agency & online marketing agency services are intentionally multi-faceted. This allows us to tackle your project from every angle and hit the bull's eye on the result. We enrich every project with new, bold ideas. We track down your hidden potential and uncover it.

Web agency

Web design and development: We go in search of clues to your goals and adapt your website visually and technically to them - with interactive functions to strengthen conversion - from contact forms to online purchases.

We adapt your concise appearance for all relevant digital channels.

Online marketing agency

"For each case"

Almost criminal: digital/online strategy, performance & branding campaigns, inbound & content marketing, Tracking, Analytics & BI, Social media, Google Ads & Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Programmatic Advertising.

We choose the strategies with the best efficiency in terms of achieving your goals.

Advertising agency

"Transforming advertising in line with the times"

Agent AGENTUR offers all services for classic print advertising and digital advertising and communication measures - from claims to campaigns. Including consulting, conception, creation, planning and realization. With a detective's instinct for what makes you special, so that your message gets across and your advertising has an impact!

Design agency

"Distinctive appearance"

Logo and corporate design: We develop your distinctive story and design your unmistakable company logo. We visualize your corporate design (CD) in your business stationery and marketing materials, whether business cards, flyers, brochures, presentations, catalogs or website. This is how you build a strong brand and connection to your target audience.

Services in detail

who are our agency clients

Agent AGENCY operates for the following demand groups:

Company and startups

Established or freshly launched: We support you as a company or startup with marketing services that are highly precisely aligned to your goals and your ideas. We cover the requirements of B2B and B2C marketing. We examine your case in detail before we start developing strategies and planning measures.

Private and Individual entrepreneurs

Marketing is our passion. We want everyone to benefit from professional services that lead to success and enable growth. Are you a sole proprietor or a private individual? We work with you in an uncomplicated way and get the maximum benefit even from small budgets.

Agencies (Outsourcing)

We offer our services to agencies in the outsourcing and white label model. Instead of recruiting your own employees, you can make use of our know-how on a temporary basis and as needed. Project-related, on an hourly basis, as a backup. We provide a team or a dedicated agent for your case - remotely or at your site.
free and non-binding potential analysis agent agency

Request non-binding potential analysis

"Experience Agent AGENCY in action"

Convince yourself, we will take a closer look at your mission and tell you personally about initial solution approaches and rough concepts tailored to you, completely practice-oriented, 100% without obligation.


"Already almost criminal, but all within the legal range".

"Already almost criminal, but everything
in the legal sector"

These exciting short stories tell a little bit about our work. We reveal the secret of success of an effective performance in private.

Project Astro Creators

Video content is not just a trend, it's the future! Astro Creators know exactly what they are doing, and in a high quality. The focus of this project was clearly a rebranding including logo and accents, along with the redesign of the website.

Plus laptop device
Plus laptop device
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MI6 without James Bond? Sherlock Holmes without Dr. Watson?

"Your company without Agent AGENCY? Unthinkable!"

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007 Marketing Process Circle

agent circle

Top results are achieved by well-coordinated teams. Everyone knows their job and is completely passionate about it. Always garnished with creativity and stylistic confidence. When developing your strategy, we think out of the box, so that you stand out from the crowd even in the age of communication overstimulation. The Agent AGENTUR experts:

Sales/Affiliate Partner - On a secret mission: Harvest 7% now!

Help us with our investigations and find new cases for us. For making a contact that leads to a project and for referring new client projects, you will receive a fee of 7% on the turnover of the first order. You decide if the amount should be paid out or if you want to use it for our marketing services.


The agent AGENCY under the magnifying glass and the missions screened:

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The agent AGENCY under the magnifying glass and the missions screened:

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"We get to the bottom of your potential"

Describe your case to us. Together, we will search for the perfect solution and discover the paths that will effectively lead you to your goal.

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People are not defenseless or easily manipulated creatures - their weapon is reactance. If a salesman is too pushy, an admirer too insistent, the pressure too high to perform a certain action, people often decide to do exactly the opposite, even if they have to accept losses as a result.

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