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Our Mission: Google Ads & SEA Breakthrough - As an officially recognized Google Ads partner agency, we provide strategic action in Google Ads (Search, YouTube and Display) to strengthen your company's online presence.

MISSION: Google Ads (SEA)

"Our Google Ads agents on the move: cracking the codes for your online triumph."

SEA - Search Engine Advertising

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and refers to paid advertising in search engine results. With Google Ads, you can target your ads to a specific audience using keywords that match the company's offer or service. The goal is to be recognized by the search engine Google, directing potential customers to one's website and getting them to perform a specific action (conversion), such as filling out a contact form, calling, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter.

Furthermore, Google Ads also allows you to advertise via search queries (SEA):

Google Ads YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which has been part of Google since 2006. YouTube offers a unique platform for your message: with targeted video ads, it can infiltrate your message and create memorable brand experiences that your audience won't soon forget.

Google Display Ads

Display ads are like digital billboards that are secretly spread throughout the web to put your message in the spotlight. They act like silent spies, placed unobtrusively on various websites to reach your target audience exactly where they are most present.


Google Ads: Search Ads / SEA vs. Display Ads vs. Youtube Video Ads

Google Ads Agency Services

In Google Search Ads, Display, and YouTube, we need to be strategic to ensure that your ad investments are effective and that the content is actually relevant to your users.

Our goal with our Google Ads agency services: To achieve the maximum success and overtake the competition.

Our favorite and most common measure is Google Search Ads, also known as Pay-Per-Click or SEA. They act like skillful agents, unobtrusively promoting your brand to the top of search results. They are versatile and effective, perfect for targeting users who are actively searching for your services.

Google Ads: Display & BAnner Ads

"Striking and appealing"

Display ads are our digital billboards, present in every corner of the Internet. Like invisible spies, they blend seamlessly into websites and reach a wide audience. They're a subtle but powerful tactic for spreading your brand silently, yet attentively and effectively.

Google Ads: Youtube Video Ads

"memorable and interactive"

Video ads are our most advanced method on the YouTube front. Like compelling movie trailers, they tell your brand's story and leave an unforgettable impression. With this powerful finesse, we arouse curiosity, increase interest, and boost engagement with your brand.

Google Ads allows you to target ads and engage your target audience. This strategy enables effective bridging in the event of suboptimal SEO-rankings and website traffic. By using Google Ads, you can temporarily achieve high positions in search engine rankings and increase the visibility of your website. But be careful: Google Ads is a highly competitive field. Everyone wants to be on page one and be willing to invest money to get there. But to succeed, you have to know your competitors and be smart about the fight. You have to choose the right keywords, keep an eye on the competition and create ads that appeal to people. This is the only way to be successful and beat the competition.

So, let's go, agents. Let's conquer the digital market!

Google Ads Agency: Agent AGENCY

"Mission Google Ads: your campaign is handled with unsurpassed precision and maximum relevance at our agency - just like 007 himself."

Google ads agency - agent agency

Operation "Google Ads": Launch your digital domination.

Prepare to dominate in the digital arena with us as your trusted ally Google Ads agency. Are you ready to outperform your competition and rise to the top of search results? 

With us, Google Ads is more than just a campaign - it's a mission. Our highly skilled Google Ads team operates with the precision of a spy movie: we're always one step ahead, working effectively and efficiently to position you for success. With us on your side, you'll uncover the secrets of online dominance and take your digital presence to a whole new level.

Contact us today and join the Google Ads operation. Are you ready to take the digital world by storm? Our team of agents is waiting for your orders!

Google ads Process Circle

007 Google Ads Agency Process Circle

Dive into our seven-part Operation Google Ads - a process as sharp and focused as an agent's eye. From in-depth analysis to strategic planning to optimal placement of your ads, we've got you covered. Leave it to us to make your mission a success. In true 007 style.

Agent AGENCY marketing process Circle

Operation Double Ads Network: Your guide through Google Ads and Bing Ads

Strategic Online Advertising:
We navigate you through the complex terrain of online advertising with the deft strategy and precision of a savvy secret agent. In our tactics, we target not only Google Ads but also Bing Ads to maximize the reach of your campaigns and leverage the full scope of digital marketing.

The dominance of Google Ads:
Google Ads, the dominant platform, impresses with its gigantic reach. It provides access to over 90% of the world's internet users, giving us a huge playground for movement and flexibility to increase your brand's visibility.

The hidden niche of Bing Ads:
But while we explore the vast terrain of Google Ads, we by no means neglect the hidden corners of the digital universe. Bing Ads, though often overlooked, is a valuable addition. This platform gives us access to a specific niche of Internet users who often remain unreached on other platforms.

Synergy through dual strategy:
This dual approach allows us to leverage the best of both worlds: the broad and diverse reach of Google Ads and the specific, focused user base of Bing Ads. The beauty of our dual strategy is that Bing Ads offers the ability to import ads directly from Google Ads. This means that the campaigns we fine-tune for Google Ads can be easily transferred to the Bing network. With this combined strategy, we maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your ads and boost your online success.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to achieve maximum visibility and effectiveness for your ads. With tactical precision, intelligence meticulousness and data-driven decisions, we unveil the hidden potential of your online advertising strategy. We invite you to join us on this exciting mission, on the road to superior online presence and success.

Free Google Ads initial consultation

In the style of a masterful agent, we invite you to a free initial Google Ads consultation to uncover the secrets of successful online advertising. This is your opportunity to identify untapped opportunities in your advertising strategy and crack the secret code to your online success. Book your confidential, complimentary appointment today and begin your mission to superior online advertising. Free, no obligation and personalized.

Free Google Ads Potential Analysis

Nothing escapes a vigilant agent - and in the digital arena, time is the most valuable ally. With the precision of a sharp-eyed specialist, we invite you to discover the hidden potential of your online campaigns through our free Google Ads potential analysis. Don't waste another second - in this fast-paced digital game, continuous development and relentless progress is essential. Take action now!

Google Ads agents in action:

We navigate through the maze of Google Ads for your digital success.

Google Ads Agency FAQ

"Solve the Google Ads / SEA (Search Engine Advertising) puzzles with our FAQ."

Google Ads & SEA Ads Agents: Master Google Ads with your certified agency

With trench coat on and magnifying glass in hand, we enter the mysterious alleys of the digital world as recognized Google Premium Partners and Google Partners. We are no ordinary players in this digital game. Our status is a testament to our knowledge of the shadowy corners and hidden alleys of Google Ads, a place many fear but few truly understand.

Like detectives in the jungle of digital marketing, we unravel the most complex Google Ads mysteries and put the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal the true picture of campaign performance. Our mandate: to increase the success of your campaigns and drive your growth through careful maintenance and customization of your campaigns.

Our certifications are our awards, you can see them like badges on our lapel. They are evidence of our expertise and commitment to being the best in the field. They represent countless hours on the road, tracking leads, deciphering complex algorithms, and perfecting our techniques.

We are more than just agents; we are your partners in this digital game. We are here to shine the light into the darkest corners of Google Ads and decipher the secrets hidden there. With our help, the unknown becomes known, the complex becomes simple, and the success of your campaign becomes a certainty.

Google Ads Secret Operation Switzerland: The PPC Agency for Top Positions in the Digital Alpine Region

Mission Dominance Switzerland: The Google Ads agency for outstanding presence in every canton

Our job as your Google Ads agency is to leave a strong digital footprint throughout Switzerland. Our goal is to carefully optimize your online ads to ensure an impressive presence in all major cities and cantons in Switzerland.

Secret Mission Google Ads Agency Switzerland - 007 reveals the secrets of success of first-class search engine marketing

AGENTUR, your Google Ads agency Switzerland, holds the license to optimize. In a digital world where visibility makes the difference between triumph and defeat, we use the right tactics and strategies to bring your online ads to the forefront. With our nationwide presence, we are your partner for search engine advertising throughout Switzerland.

Our Google Ads Agency Switzerland is known for precise keyword research that allows us to identify the most appropriate keywords for your business. We use our secret weapons of search engine marketing to position your ads on the first page of Google and other search engines.

The Google Ads agency Schweizerkarte is your compass in the world of search engine marketing. With our many years of experience and expertise in all regions of Switzerland, we are your partner for successful online marketing. We offer you customized solutions for local, regional, national and international Google Ads campaigns.

SEO agency switzerland

Our agency offers comprehensive coverage of the digital advertising landscape throughout Switzerland and always aims to make your online ads a success in every region. Rely on our expertise and let our experts unlock the secrets of online marketing success for you - throughout Switzerland and beyond.

Are you curious about Google Ads and SEA services? We can clarify your questions.

"Unlock the secrets of Google Ads and SEA with our FAQs - your key advantage for clarity and success in the digital advertising world."

Google Ads SEA Checklist

Google Ads SEA Checklist

The AGENTUR agency gives the green light for "Operation Google Ads SEA campaign". We set off into the world of search engine advertising, armed with tactical finesse and the latest digital marketing tools. Our secret weapon for you? A free Google Ads checklist.

These 14 points are not just steps for an SEA campaign, but milestones you need to reach on the way to your SEA campaign. They have been carefully selected and prioritized to ensure maximum impact. They are the backbone of your mission, the scaffolding on which your successful campaign will be built.

But don't be fooled. This checklist is just the beginning. It opens the door to a world of opportunities and challenges. 

Ready for the mission? Let's set the course and start the engines. The journey into the world of SEA begins now. Go into the operation with the confidence that you are best prepared. Success is waiting on the other side. Be bold, be smart, and most importantly: let the data do the talking.

Google Ads & SEA Agency Cost

Reveal the covert operation for your digital triumph: our Google Ads agency moves in the shadows of SEA secrets to catapult your online campaigns to the top of the digital arena.

The investment for Google Ads and SEA strategies can vary greatly depending on the services you want, the size of your business, and the scope of your digital presence.

Typically, we prefer an ongoing engagement with our Google Ads agency clients, with our services typically delivered on a monthly basis. This ongoing connection allows us to achieve long-lasting results and guarantee the sustainable success of our clients on the digital deployment site.

Wondering which Google Ads strategy is best for your mission or need an action plan tailored specifically to you? Then contact us for a free initial examination.


Google Ads potential analysis

  • Using our detective methodology, we uncover the secret potential of your Google Ads campaigns for free. Like online investigators, we'll sift through your advertising activities and discover opportunities and hurdles on your mission to digital dominance.

Google Ads Audit

CHF from 490
  • We examine every facet of your Google Ads campaign, looking for hidden weaknesses, potentials and optimization potential to strengthen your position in the world of online advertising. In an online briefing, we present you with the secrets we have discovered and show you specifically where further potential is hiding.

Google Ads Strategy and Concept

CHF from 990
  • In this covert mission, we work with you to develop an individual Google Ads strategy. Our Google Ads specialists probe the current status quo (if any), develop a strategic action plan and implement it with surgical precision.

Google Ads: SEA campaigns

CHF from 1'490
  • We operate in the shadows, with the goal clearly in mind: to create a masterfully designed SEA campaign for you. We develop precise targeting and tactical bidding strategies to ensure your success in the digital arena.

Google Ads: Display campaigns

CHF from 1'490
  • With an agent's precision, we rise to the challenge of building impactful display campaigns for you. We use strategic targeting and creative banner designs to effectively spread your message and ensure a strong online presence.

Google Ads: YouTube campaigns

CHF from 1'490
  • In covert operations, we direct your YouTube campaigns. With carefully selected target groups and thoughtful video content, we put your company in the spotlight and increase online visibility. Every click, every engagement is used to your advantage.

Google Ads Coaching

CHF from 160
per hour
  • We shape you into a super spy of the Google Ads world! Our Google Ads coaching equips you with the insider knowledge you need to successfully manage your own Google Ads campaigns. We accompany you in detail on your way to becoming a Google Ads master agent.

Google Ads campaign texts

CHF from 390
  • With the subtlety of a spy, we create spot-on and compelling campaign copy for your Google Ads. We use smart keyword strategies and engaging calls-to-action to hit your target and communicate your message clearly. Your success is our mission.

Google Ads Campaigns Maintenance

CHF from 390
per month
  • Under the cloak of continuous optimization, we keep your Google Ads campaigns in peak condition. Like a savvy field agent, always alert and ready, we adjust your campaigns, react to changes, and secure your dominant position in the digital battlefield.
OUR Google Ads customers

Mission success without Google Ads? Digital dominance without effective campaigns? That's like 007 without James Bond. Unimaginable!

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Raphael Liechti - fitcube - testimonial agent agency


Raphael Liechti

Owner & Managing Director

"A big thank you to David and the Agent Agency! Their expertise in SEO optimization has brought us significantly more customer inquiries within a few weeks and months. Professional, effective and absolutely recommended!"


A detailed look at the agency AGENCY and a comprehensive analysis of its Google Ads missions:

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A detailed look at the agency AGENCY and a comprehensive analysis of its Google Ads missions:

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Impressions total
Google Ads ads
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Google Ads Quality Factor
0 %
Ads click-through rate (CTR)


"We unveil your company's hidden Google Ads potential."

Hand over to us the secret codes of your mission. Together, we'll decode the riddles of the digital landscape to construct the ultimate Google Ads strategy and uncover the secret paths that will efficiently lead you to your goal of online dominance.

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Reactance is a psychological form of defense in which emotional arguments, pressure, threats or prohibitions cause a defensive reaction. People then tend to take exactly the position from which they should be dissuaded.

People are not defenseless or easily manipulated creatures - their weapon is reactance. If a salesman is too pushy, an admirer too insistent, the pressure too high to perform a certain action, people often decide to do exactly the opposite, even if they have to accept losses as a result.

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