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Your full service agency for web design & web programming, SEO, SEA & Google Ads, design and advertising in Zurich and all over Switzerland.

Your full service agency for web design & web programming, SEO, SEA & Google Ads, design and advertising in Zurich and all over Switzerland.

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"In our sights: your triumph! We put our sophisticated strategies to work for your online project."

In the AGENTUR agency, your task becomes our mission! With sharp analytical sense we solve it to achieve effective marketing and demonstrable success. Our approach includes deep understanding of your company, brand and values. Based on this, we design customized strategies and implement them with sophisticated methodology. Together, we articulate impactful messages and guide them through the right channels to your target audience. We enliven every project with fresh, bold ideas. We discover and unleash your hidden potential.

Their mission: web design and web programming championship. Our mission: aesthetics, usability and functional brilliance.

In the web sector, we design intuitive and engaging websites that showcase your brand. With web programming, we infiltrate the code to ensure seamless functionality and user experience. In the world of mobile responsiveness, we ensure that your website displays optimally on any device.

We are your detectives in the mysterious world of web design and web programming. The realization of your online vision starts here!

"Their mission: SEO excellence. Our scope: technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO."

In On-Page SEO, we focus on content and presentation, transforming your website into a point of attraction for your target audience. In Technical SEO, your website code becomes our code word, we perfect the technology behind the scenes and optimize performance and user experience for efficient search engine explorations. In the Off-Page area, we make strong connections and increase your reputation and visibility.

We are your strategic agent in the SEO cosmos. The starting signal for your online top position is now!

"Your mission: Google Ads dominance. Our field of operation: search, YouTube and display."

In the search sector, we decipher the keyword puzzle for top positions and maximum visibility. YouTube ads infiltrate the video network to leave lasting brand impressions. In the display world, we strategically place your message exactly where it will hit your target audience.

We are your agents in the Google Ads universe. Your mission starts here!

Your mission: social media platform & posting management, content strategy, analysis & creation, community engagement and data-driven optimization.

In the multi-layered world of social media, we decode the content puzzle for maximum interaction and lasting community engagement. Social ads infiltrate your target group's network to leave lasting brand impressions. In the viral world of social networks, we strategically place your message exactly where it will trigger the greatest response.

We are your creative covert agency operations base in the world of social media. Activate your social media mission today!

Their mission: comprehensive data analysis, data management, tracking, deep analytics, accurate forecasting, and clearly understandable data presentations.

In the secret world of Analytics, Tracking & BI, we decipher the riddle of data overload to ensure accurate forecasting and deep insights. Data operations infiltrate your organization's digital environment to uncover lasting and meaningful insights. In the complex universe of data analytics, we place your strategic decisions exactly where they will have the greatest impact.

We are your tactical analytics headquarters in the world of data and information. Start your analytics mission with us today! We help you navigate the maze of business information through data management and deep analytics, transforming it into clearly understandable presentations. Unleash the power of data.

...and other web & marketing services like email marketing, advertising & design.

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