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Agent AGENTUR is your design agency
in Zurich and throughout Switzerland for original,
creative and individual design.

Agent AGENTUR is your design agency in Zurich and all over Switzerland for original, creative and individual design.


"Our mission: your success! We use our secret weapons for your design that works."

As a design agency in Zurich and throughout Switzerland, we have the art and experience to create effective designs for your business. We develop your distinctive story and conceive your distinctive design and implement them in a targeted way to make your brand visible online, reach your target audience and appeal to them aesthetically and invite them to interact. The goal: a strong brand and connection to your target audience. From concept to implementation, we offer comprehensive services in the design world, from corporate designs to custom web design and UX, UX design.

Web design

"original & 007"


"user-friendly & target group oriented"


"individual & accurate"

Usability Testing

"precise & safe"

Corporate Design

"unerring and unique"

Logo design

"exclusive & appealing"

Advertising Design


Editorial design

"concise & accurate"

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People are not defenseless or easily manipulated creatures - their weapon is reactance. If a salesman is too pushy, an admirer too insistent, the pressure too high to perform a certain action, people often decide to do exactly the opposite, even if they have to accept losses as a result.

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